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"CPU Error Detected" after PLC start-up


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Hi @Prem Lanka,

Was that Israel Support?

Please contact them again if you have difficulties; I saw that you originally posted on Friday, which is our weekend, but everyone is back at work on Sunday 🙂


On 8/14/2020 at 4:44 PM, Prem Lanka said:

Support said that it is common for CPUs to lose connection with the Panel immediately after applying a firmware update, and that just cycling the power should fix the problem. However, cycling the power did not fix the connection issue, and my ip settings still would not save so I could not ping it from any other device. I did eventually get it to work after performing the following:


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Currently have an email in to support but figured I’d try here too.  I have been experiencing the CPU Error message occasionally on a couple Unistream 15”. Customer says it’s happened 4x over a few months. It would be great to know why it happens but it seems pretty random.  I was wondering what the sequence of operations is when it occurs. There are the three choices of reboot, ignore, or switch to run mode. What mode is it in when the message appears? I would assume stop mode but Pump still runs in my application. Is the Unistream awaiting a choice of the three options or will it eventually revert to stop mode after a certain time?

All of my firmware is correct with the Unilogic software btw. The two units that have been exhibiting this error are using version 1.28.34 and 1.26

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