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need help. how i restored v570 application

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Hi Wawa

When you buy a new unitronics PLC it does not contain any program.

The program is written by a programmer to do specifically what you need to do in your factory.

When you say your workers made many changes can you explain how they did this?

Did they download the program to a PC or did they do it using the info mode on the PLC?

There is no way to restore the PLC to factory settings unless you have the original program.

It may be possible to reset and initialize the PLC but be careful as you may not have access to all required parameters from the PLC screens.

First step is to try and get a copy of the original program.





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9 hours ago, wawa said:

because plc said thermocouple hate and thermocouple error

Please clarify this.

The screens you show are from Info mode, which you need a password to get into.  It is used to view and change the raw memory of the PLC.  If your workers were screwing around here you have a problem we can't fix.

Typically the application has input on the various screens, which are designed for the data the programmer wanted changed.

Where exactly were your workers changing data?

Joe T.

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