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Problem connecting to a database through 'SQL Connector'

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I am trying to set up the connection between PLC and a local database for the first time. Tried many times but an unsuccessful attempt. I think I might be making mistake in configuring the connection parameters in UniLogic. In my case I am using   SQL server. Can somebody help me to explain the database connection parameters?

I have attached my settings below.


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1) You have it configured as MySQL, while it looks like you need SQL Server

2) The PLC doesn't know what is CTP-1. Give it the IP of the computer, (or the Host in case you have the DNS in the PLC Configured correctly)

3) In the Identification Type try using Instance, and then set the instance Name as SQLEXPRESS

4) Set the Database name to be USERTBD

5) Set a Username and Password that are acceptable by your SQL Server.

6) Disable firewall on the computer that hosts the SQL Server. 

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Thank you for the reply. I mistakenly attached the wrong image. I actually have SQL server confirmation for the first step. I tried to connect using the IP address of my PC where my local database resides and I believe my DNS is configured properly as I have successfully done setting for email which would not work if I have a wrong setting for DNS.  I disabled the firewall on the PC too.  I am still not connected to the database. Maybe I am using wrong information in database name section. 

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