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EtherNet/IP Device Scanner Settings


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Needed a new Firmware update :)




I'm trying to connect a 8-port M12 Digital Input Hub, I have all the IP settings correct as I can use the web browser to connect up to the device as well, It says

           Assembly Instance Input: 100 / Size: 4 (8-bit)
           Assembly Instance Output: 112 / Size: 2 (8-bit)
           Assembly Instance Configuration: 128 / Size: 0

I've created a Structure for this with them being two things

           Inputs   INT8(0..3)
           Outputs INT8(0..1)

While watching the Data in the EIP it shows that it's trying to connect as the Device names blinks on for a split sec then goes off a couple of seconds. I've tried the RPI setting from 8 all the way to 1000, with no change.

Any one know what I'm doing wrong?


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