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Why in real tags not possible control number of digits, equal the control in int tags?


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I would like know why  in real tags not possible control number of digits, equal the control in int tags? always when put numeric display in screen , the program show warnings , because i need 2 or 3 digits and numeric box require all digits show all characters. Today ,not possible removal the signal in numeric box.
I was already forgetting, in the text boxes the same problem occurs. Example , user names in screen.


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You can define how many digits will show in a numeric box. You should have a property called "Decimal Precision which defines how many numbers will appear after the dot. The default is 3, so the number will look like:


The bold part is what you control (just like with Int, but with Int, the entire number is divided by 10, 100, 1000 etc, so 65535 becomes 655.35 or 65.535).

In Int16 the max number of digits is 5, and in Int32 it's 10 if I recall correctly. However, with Real numbers, you can get up to numbers like 10^38, and you can also get to numbers like 10^-38 (0.00000000000......00001)


The next version of UniLogic will support Exponential Notation on Web and HMI, so numbers like 12345678901 will become 1.234E10  (when the decimal precision is 3. You can get more digits after the dot if you change the precision).

If that exponential notation good enough for you?

Besides that, you can reduce the number of your Numeric box. You will see the exclamation mark, but it has no hard. It just notifies you that your numeric box might not be large enough.






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