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U90 Ladder - JZ20-J-T18

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Good afternoon, 

I've recently received a machine with a Unitronic JZ20-J-T18 and I'm trying to go online with the PLC using the micro-USB port on the side. I don't even have a copy of the program.

Right now, I just plug in, open U90, click upload, but it keeps saying no communication? I'm unsure what to do after this step. I've read somewhere that I should be able to program through the micro-USB port? 

Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks!



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Like many devices that used to be 9 pin serial, the Jazz has "modernised" to being able to use a usb cable....but in reality it has simply had a usb to serial converter chip fitted onboard and is essentially still a serial device as it now has it's very own "USB to serial converter cable" built in.  That's why it shows as such in Device Manager.  Ensure you have the same settings in Device Manager as you have in U90.  Sometimes a mismatch occurs and comms won't work.  Also check your cable against known good...showing up in DM doesn't necessarily mean all the wires are connected!

You would be surprised at the huge number of devices that used to be 9 pin 232 but have gone down the same path of "pretending" to be usb.  For this reason you should assess each item that used to be serial but now has a usb connection very carefully, as the plugging in process can over-write existing drivers (often with total duds that only work for that device) and can tie you up in all sorts of painful knots.  If you search on this forum you will find all sorts of references to USB to 232 converter issues, and they might be of assistance.

If you still have issues, see what driver is actually being used for the link in DManager to ensure it is the correct one.





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One more thing to note, trivial but might get overlooked - check what port the PC has recognized the connection as and then select the same port in the "Controller" menu and "Operating system" For me it is usually 8, 9 or 6. Then click at the bottom to check O/S to verify communication. Cheers!


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