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Alias name array in input cards


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I try to put the name of the array in the alias field name of the channels of value inputs, but the software does not accept.

I waste time building ladder to put each of the 8 channels in my array where it contains all the inputs of that type.

 The idea is not to waste time? you agree?


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  • MVP 2023

That's two questions.

I typed in a general alias, "Hello", which it did accept:


Then I dropped a compare block and typed in "Hello".  It gave me a dropdown of the elements in the alias-



If I'm not understanding your problem and commentary correctly please add screenshots of what you are experiencing.

Joe T.


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The way alias name work is different than some other softwares. I've seen some softwares that supports both features:

  • Give a name (Alias) to a sub member of a strcut for easier reading (instead of seeing UID-TO8RO8_1.Inputs[5] you can just call it "Air Conditioner"
  • Link in IO to inputs or outputs to existing tags. I think that this is what you thought that will happen.


Since UniLogic works with the first option, then giving an alias name to a tag with a name of an existing tag will cause a conflict, then it is forbidden.

What you can do, is give your Alias name a different name (For example Hello2)

Then use the Find and Replace in order to replace Hello with Hello2

Then delete Hello (since it is no longer in use, assuming it is an array you have created).

Rename the Alias name from Hello2 to Hello.




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