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Could you help me find a direction on this?

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Hello friends, I am new to Unitronics hardware and have about 1 year experience with ladder logic (studio 5000 up to this point). I am tasked with writing a program for a machine that uses the following components and I just need some help on choosing the right Unitronics PLC and what snap-in's I will need to work with the components:

-conveyer belts (1 requires indexing/location tracking)

-motor driving an actuator

-motor moving a tray back and forth along rails

-9 load cells


I am leaning towards the Vision 350 TR20 currently, and it looks like  the IO-LC3 module supports up to 3 load cells each, so I will need  a PLC that supports at least 3 expansion ports (one for each IO-LC3)


Also, in general I am wondering about how servos/motors are added to a program using Unitronics, it seems like there us usually a data bit to enable the servo (maybe controlling the power supply) and then a bit representing motor go/stop?


Any help you all have is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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5 hours ago, brian_swm said:

so I will need  a PLC that supports at least 3 expansion ports (one for each IO-LC3)

Initially you need to be going to this page:  https://unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/

and scrolling to I/O & Com for Vision, and then looking at the IO-LC3 guides and also, more importantly, the guides listed under "I/O Expansion Module Adapters".   The I/O modules connect together thus only using the one expansion port via the adapter.

Before committing to anything have a good read of all the manuals for the possible options.



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