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Problem with Timer in Unilogic


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Hi, I have a problem. It's the firt time that I work with Unilogic and I need help.

I have to divide two numbers, that gives me a comma value as a result. I do not know how to handle values with commas in Unilogic if I have to set REAL values.

On top of that I want to put the result value in a timer.
Is it possible with this soft? Thank you! Attachment screenshot


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As a general rule, it's better to stay with integers. The way you do this is to use "implied" decimals. If you need precision to 1 decimal place, multiply by 10 before the division. If you need 2 decimal places, multiply by 100. You can display the integer with implied decimals or do the math for the correct timer preset before storing. Timers will only use integers, but are in 10 ms increments.

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