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Heating & Sanitary Regulation

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Dear Unitronics users,
Does anyone have an application example for regulation (control) of:
Buffer water temperature heating circuit + Boiler water temperature sanitary water + Radiators High Temperature heating circuit + Underfloor heating Low Temperature heating circuit with three-way valve + PT100 sensors.
Thank you and kind regards,

Regeling CV + SAN.jpg

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Hi Stef,

My view is that what you are asking is the way most of the people on the forum make their money from, so we are not simply going to give you all the code to achieve what you want, given it takes us time to develop such applications and often our solutions are very proprietary and innovative.  In my case I would be breaking contractual agreements and I am sure others are in the same boat.

That said, we are quite happy to help you through any difficulties you might encounter along the way of writing your own program.  For pointers on how to do this, you should have a good look through the large number of examples you will find in Visilogic under Help/Examples/Projects that will assist you in this regard.  Combine the various things you find in there into your one program.

We all discovered the ins and outs of Visilogic this way, and still learn something new every day.



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