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Splash screen without backlight

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I am using a V350, and during the screensaver I turn down the backlight, and all is well.

But if the PLC is turned off in low-backlight, it will start next time showing the splash screen in low-backlight.

No code (even the initialization of powerup values of system variables) are set until the splash screen is done.

So the time the splash screen is shown, the light is off ? (or low, I use 2 as lowest value)

I tried to set the default value of SI9 to 100, with no effect.

Is there a power down latter where I can set the value, or??

Looking forward to your reply.

Br Johnny

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My understanding is that there is no ladder code running until the firmware boots up. That splash screen that you're referring to is shown during the firmware boot. Also, there is no (and cannot be) any ladder code that runs on power down.

Why is the firmware boot splash screen important to you to be shown? Create your own splash screen that runs immediately after firmware boot and you can set the backlight to any brightness you desire.

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Thank you for your reply ?

I replaced the Unitronics splash screen with my company  screen, and it works well.

Until I made a screensaver, that turns the light down, leading to no light on the splash screen.
I know it must be a "feature" that is not discovered by the Unitronics team, just wondered if anyone had found a solution for that.

You are right, I can add a splash screen with light on, after the dark screen, it just seems "half done" (danish expresion, does it make sense?)

Have a great day.


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