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Jazz JZ20JR16Y and UV lamp radiation

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Hi everyone

I need to retrofit old high power UV lamp control system. Original PLC is broken.
Old system Led optical filter is completely damaged (maybe by indirect UV).
Now Jazz  PLC must be installed.
Operator  change program on machine and switch on process from remote control.
Question how to protect PLC from high power indirect UV light.
Mount panel on remote position?
Hide by door?
Any ideas?



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I would make a cover out of thin metal and mount it over the PLC with a couple of small hinges.  You'd have to stand the hinges off with some small spacers or nuts to clear the bezel.

Then flip the cover over the PLC when it's not being accessed.

Or you could use cardboard and duct tape.  ?

Joe T.

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10 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

Or you could use cardboard and duct tape.   ?

Yes you are right!  :)
When i seen this machine at first time Leds optical filter was dismounted and cardboard and duct tape is used.

Maybe i make metal box with small depth and flip door.  It must be used for hide old plc hole and protect JAZZ.



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