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I hope anyone can help us. We have a project on V130 Vision PLC.  The problem is that we dont have source project nor dont know if the project is burn on flash. 


We we need to know how OS update on PLC work. We would like to upload project from PLC to PC, but cant, due to OS/Vision error. VisiLogic prompt; that we need to update OS on PLC. As writen befor, we dont know if we then lost program on PLC, and we dont have source code.

What to do now?

Best Regards





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You can download older versions of VisiLogic from Unitronics. The correct older version that matches the OS in the PLC will not generate the error you are seeing. I'm not sure which version you need off the top of my head though, so perhaps someone else here will know, or you can contact Unitronics Support.

Also, I don't believe updating the OS in the PLC will disturb user application, but lacking 100% certainty, I will not recommend that.

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