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Masked Numeric Entry of Floating number

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One of the less-than-desirable features of Vision controllers is the inability to format floating point numbers on the screen.  So unfortunately the direct answer to your question is no.

I very rarely use floating point types in a PLC application; I prefer virtual decimals in MIs and MLs (1.00 amps = 100).  You get much more control of your numeric presentation this way and all the function blocks support integers.

What does your application really require?

Joe T.

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My application needs for the user to enter the desired current in power supply. Typically it will be 90 to 110Amps. It is desirable to enter with the precision of 0.1 Amp.

One possibility I am considering is using MI w/o decimals and then using up/down buttons to adjust to the tenths decimal value. Still not sure how to handle that.



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