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HMI Vision 570 "hide / show"

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Good morning all together,

I have just started my first project with Vision 570.

Guess I have a very simple question.

At Buttoms or any other items I have the possibility to hide this, if a memory bit is "1".

How can I manage to hide this if the memory bite is "0".

Or better I want to show this item if the memory bit is "1".

I thing this way "show" is needed much more the "hide"

Of course I can make another Ladder function, but I thing there must be an easier way to do a "show" instaed a "hide".

As well a question more or less the same category.

Let's say a buttom or better a number window is one colour.

Can I change the colour of this number window if a Memory bit is "1"?

This function, I need for a sequence heating programm with 10 steps where I have 10 number windows for temperature setpoint.

During the program is running I want to indicate the program status (step) by changing the number windows colours.

For example if I am in step 5 the number windows for setpoint soud change from normale colour what is blue, lets say to green.

Thank you for your help


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Hi Moro,

You can activate the Hide on power-up and and use inverted logic to deactivate it using Inverted Coil or Reset Coil (both under Boolean menu)

As for your second question, you can use the Nemric Range variable. This is a numeric variable which allows you to set ranges of colors.

Click Append to create another range and set the colors you want for that range.

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Hi Stein Yair,

thank you for your reply.

The second answer I have understand.

Is it right that aller other functions of "Numeric range -window- , except this possibility of "color change" are the same as ther "Numeric - window-" I used so far?

First Question I did not catch so far. Where is this Boolean menu you mention?


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Hi Moro,

There is no direct way to change the color of numeric variable according ot external event. Anyway - idea:

You can define variable type "List of text" There, for each line you can define foreground and background color.

In this variable, you can define option "Text from String library"

In the relevant row of String Library you can define "indirect string"

The number you want to display - you can convert to ASCII string (String menu > Num to ASCII).

This way you can display your numeric value and change the color (both background and foreground) according to the value of other MI. In your case this other MI will be pointer of the stage of your process.

It seems a little complicated, but in fact is just a matter of settings of one variable and one Ladder block.

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Hello Emil,

this sounds complicated.

Sure there are many ways to solve something.

What appears strange to me is the "Hide" function.

I guess 95% in praxis you need to show a light , a lamp or a anything like cicle or box, a.s.o if the MB is "1".

Let's say I have 10 steps (each step has 1 Memory bit which is "1" if the step is aktiv) and I want to indicate a lamp for each step, if the step is aktiv.

If I am now in step 7 the MB 7 is "1" . How can I show the lamp ?


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Did you see the example Yair wrote? Still "complicated"?

About hide/show - you can simply use variables "Binary image" with no immage for state "0". This wy the lamp will "appear" only when the relevant bit is "1". It seems this is waht you need - more than hide/show.

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