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USB comunication problem


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Hi friends i am new in this forum, i have a trouble comunicaction when i connect the " USB device" to my PC, i read some topics in this forum and i earned  some solutions but i don`t have succes.

after a lot of configuration in my pc almost can establish comunication but a new message apear. 

now i show you a capture with the message, i hope you can help me

thank you !!!

Grettings from Chile !

Pd: sorry if my english is not so good.

Sin título74.png

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Hi, it just tells you that you can click the flashlight in order to see a message on the PLC (to identify the PLC).

The warning sign appears probably because there is a version mismatch... Either the PLC has  a newer firmware related to UniLogic, or the opposite around. (Most likely that the PC has a newer UniLogic version, for example 1.24.56, while the PLC has firmware 1.23 or older).

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Either by USB Stick or by remote upgrade (through communication).

USB Stick

1) plug the usb stick (disk on key) on your PC

2) In UniLogic: PLC -> UniStream Management -> Firmware manager -> Copy to DOK

3) Plug the USB Stick on the PLC, and in the UniApps  upgrade the firmware (in one of the menus)


Remote Upgrade: 

1) Make sure the PLC is connected to the PC with USB

2) In UniLogic: PLC -> UniStream Management -> Remote Update

3) Select the PLC from the list, select target drive (External SD, or DOK)... You either must have an external SD in the SD Card Slot, or a USB Stick plugged into the USB Host of the Panel

4) Click on Update

5) When the firmware is sent to the PLC and you get a message that the PLC is rebooting, unplug the USB cable from the PLC and wait for the upgrade to start and finish (it may take a while, depends on how many files it needs to update.

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