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USB cable sillyness again!


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Hi all, some of you may remember me in various topics suggesting to try different USB cables during member's connection issues.  Today I had exactly the same problem and it took me an hour to eventually try another cable.

1).  Hung up the cable and Shentek 485 last night after doing some work with it perfectly ok.

2).  Retrieved cable and Shentek from hanging point this morning and stuffed around for an hour wondering why I now don't have comms.  The damn thing was working fine last night!

3).  Checked all my drivers out and everything looked fine.  Still nothing showing in com ports, though.  WT*?    Has Windoze done an update that has upset things?  Hmmm.

4).  More Hmmm....light bulb......Try another cable, Stoopid!

5).  "Well I'll be damned!"  Who would've thunk that my usual act of carefully disconnecting things and hanging up the cable would result in a failure.  In this case it was one of the data lines for sure.

6).  Moral:      Never, ever, ever, ever, ever (get it?!!) trust a cable first time.  This nincompoop, Moi,  who has had this happen a few times over the years, still got caught for an hour trying to figure it out!!

Mamma Mia!!



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