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Enhanced Web Server on V1210

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I'm trying to get enhanced web server running on V1210. I'm using the web server application v350. I've previously gotten the simple web server to work. So the communication should be fine.

The enhanced web server HMI  is displayed, but I can't access the html site externally. The SD card is formatted with SD suite and all the folders are there.

I've attached the errors.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

Feilir enhanced web server.PNG

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  • MVP 2023

There's a difference between errors and warnings.  The program will still download if you have warnings (yellow exclamation) but not errors (red)>

Warning 46 goes away if you set the power-up value of SB 168 to "Set".

Error 73 will never go away.  Unitronics allows you to do loops but also reminds you not to be an idiot and spend too much time in any one loop.

Error 702 is a hardware definition problem.

What exact problem are you still having?

Joe T.

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The problem is; that enhanced webserver. (a.k.a. Complex WebServer) does not serve web pages over http.

The attachment was just for reference. But I do believe that the 702 errors have something to do with it. Input 0 and Output 0 are defined within the locked portion of "Web Server Application V350.vlp" which i got from here. https://unitronicsplc.com/support-tools-and-applications/

I'm using the vlp file as a base, which is recommended, and changed the hardware. But maybe the v1210 is incompatible? 

According to this, it should be possible somehow. https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Unitronics_products_EU_low.pdf

"Web server: Use built-in HTML pages, or design complex pages to view and edit PLC data via the Internet"

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  • MVP 2023

Unfortunately, the Complex webserver was code donated by a user and not written by Unitronics.  It is full of locked subroutines, as you know, that manually respond to incoming tcp strings.  "Complex" is an understatement.  

I'd start by looking at your socket configurations and make sure port 80 mapped as in the original example.

If you want to post what you're working on we can have a look.

If you really need your controller to be a webserver you need to migrate to the Unistream series

Joe T.

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I´ve used V1210 as webserver using the advanced webserver example as a base program and then, modifying it to acomplish all task I wanted.

Some questions for you:

1. Are you calling webserver routine from Main Module?

2. Did you compile you htm files before loading into SD card?

3. Are you using registers reserved for advanced web server anywhere else in you application? If so, you should not.

4. Did you initialize Ethernet properly including socket 1 used for webserver?


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