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Issue with languages selection...


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Dear All,

in my project I create a screen about language selection; I insert 3 buttons to select English, French and Italian; for each button I add, in the action list of the button, a BIT set that will be used in the actions list in the soluction explorer....and for each of those BITs I select the language to recall...I found that I have to invert the selection between French and Italian ...English works properly.

I am using 1.24.56

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Hi Saragani,

I tried many checks; to be clear I always let the three languages selectable ( I don't tried the single one whitout the others included in the project)...also at the moment I don't have translate any text...I saw this (language selected) by the builtin keyboard and the languages shown in the UniApps....I will send the project by mail to the support.

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Well, I tried reproducing the problem on a UniStream 5 PLC. I call "Set Language" either directly in button press, or by setting a bit and then setting the language from the global actions.

I added 3 buttons where each of them set a different language (English(default), French. Italian). and I see the correct language when I open the keyboard (for example, in a text box).


I'm looking forward for your project in order to see what wen't wrong.

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