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Visual Basic Application for Data Tables editor

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I am using V570 and V560 series with data table functions, I can upload datatables to a SD Card, it makes a file to me FULLDB.FDT. I can easily open it via Unitronics Data Tables Editor, but I need more, here below I tried to explain my requirements.

In the FULLDB.FDT file I have nearly 70 data tables, I would like to develop a Visual Basic or .Net program which could exports these 70 datablocks individualy to excel file or excel files or csv files, or any database(access,sql,e.t.c). I would like to read these datas and then I would like to change these cells' values in my Visual Basic Program, and then I would like to import the changed data tables to FULLDB.FDT file.

I hope I explained my application, I am waiting for your helpful replies


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Hi, as much as I remember, FDT is read-only which means that the values cannot be edited.

You can use Ladder to save the tables into UDT which is editable.

Furthermore, you can use the Unitronics.DataTables.DLL to read the whole structures and values and then save it into FDT, UDT or XML without using SD.

You can also implement your own function that will take the tables and will save it as CSV (it's really not hard).

Then take the data back and put it inside the tables (After reading the structure from the PLC) and update the PLC with the new values if needed.

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