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Communication between UniStream with Siemens Sinamics G120C

Michel Fialho

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Good Morning.
I am using the unilogic version 1.25.48 to communicate with a siemens sinamics G120C inverter. No way have I been able to communicate as ethernet ip.
The communication created is based on the 2/2 Ethernet ethernet protocol telegram that works on rockwell studio 5000 v31 without problems.

I created a connection in: Project / PLC Communications / EthernetIP / Scanner
Node Name: Inverter_G120
IP Node:
RPI [ms]: 100
T2O Assembly Instance: 101
Input: Status_G120
Input Size (Bytes): 4
Use Run Idle for T2O: checked
O2T Assembly Instance: 102
Output: Control_G120
Output Size: 4
Use Run Idle for O2T: checked
Configuration: 103
Config: Empty
Config Size (Bytes): 0
Multcast: unchecked

The LED on the inverter does not stabilize in green, flashes red as no connection, and does not control the inverter. I need some help urgently!

NOTE: Created in unilogic two STRUCTS:
Status_G120.status_word - int16 [0 ... 1]
Control_G120.status_word - int16 [0 ... 1]


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If I understand correctly, Siemens (the household appliance master) also makes computers and programming gear? I was actually surfing the web for repair parts for my Siemens stove and landed on this page, and I let curiosity get the best of me. Since I'm on here, would anyone happen to know where I can order spare parts online for Siemens household appliances? So far, I've found FixPart, but I want to see what other options I have. 


I'm aware my question might not be relevant to this forum, but after a long search, I'm starting to get desperate. 

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