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Vision V120-22-TA38 & Remote Operator V1.0.71

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I know it will work strictly as a serial link however not sure about going Ethernet from Remote operator to serial at the PLC.  To clarify you are set up like below correct?

PC ->> Ethernet ->> TCP/IP - RS232 converter ->> PLC

Remote Operator is going to ask for an IP, Port and PLC name in order to communicate, over Ethernet,   while for a serial link all it is going to need is the Baud rate.

While the converter will probably translate everything in the TCP communication from Remote operator there will be a lot of extra information going to the serial com port on the PLC that it probably won't know what to do with and more than likely you won't be able to establish communication.

If you have all the components try it and see what happens, 

If not and you still want to use remote operator then either look at upgrading to an Enhanced Vision like a V130 which can accept an ethernet card, or you'll need to look at two TCP/IP converters and set it up something like PC ->> RS232 converter-TCP/IP ->>->> Ethernet ->> TCP/IP - RS232 converter ->> PLC 

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I agree with everything Cam has said.  My limited experiences of this sort of thing is that it can be a total pain in the butt. 

However, at the PC end you may be able to  implement a virtual port instead of another converter.

I have had limited success using such software, what works fine on one plc brand won't even try on another type.

For anything you do, I would first try to connect with various methods using Remote Operator directly on the network where the plc is located.  If you can get it going ok there, it should be easy to do some router work to let remote connections occur.

cheers, Aus

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