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In net 2 you have Socket 0 Connect four times to different IP addresses.  You can't do this - the socket can only connect to one at a time.  And you have to close the socket each time.

You should also use a positive transitional for this, as the Socket won't talk while it's Connecting.

It looks like want to talk to the valves every 5 seconds.  You also don't have a coil for MB 435 Socket 0 Close. 

You may need a short delay (0.1 s) before switching IP addresses to another valve to let the Modbus finish.

I put this into one of my State Machines as this is what I do for fun on a Saturday night and this is a good example for other users.  The pointer / Equal block method allows more control.

I did this in VisiLogic 9.8.79.  Let us know if it works.

Joe T.



sample1040tcpip JT.vlp

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Thks a lot Joe...I just now download this program and sucessfully got communicate with 3 different Ip Device. So what here happn in 5 sec only device will ON after its getting cummunication got fail.it will repeat again and again how can I hold my communication permanent.

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