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Force sign in in Web Server each time (no “remember me” option)

G. Asgeirsson

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Hi, I have a question regarding your need.

Currently, the login is stored in a session, and when you choose "Remember Me", then the login is also stored in a cookie. This means that if you log in, then you will be kept logged it as long as you did not close the browser. When you re-open the browser, then if the cookie contains the log in details, then you will still be logged it. (The Remember me cookie currently has a 7 days expire interval).


Your feature request can be understood in different ways:

1) Define the cookie expire interval (Instead of being 7 days), so if someone logged it, the cookie expires after 10 minutes, then even if he closes his browser, and re-opens it after 9 minutes and 59 seconds, then he will still be logged it, and he can refresh the page, and navigate to other pages, and he will still be logged it, until he will close and re-open his browser again since now the expire time has passed.


2) The session itself will expire after, f.e. 10 minutes, but since the user does not refreshes the page or go to other pages, then he will still see the content, but if he then refreshes the page, or navigate to a different page, then he will see the log in page again


3) When the user logs in, a counter starts counting,  when the 10 minutes passes, even if the page was not refreshes, the page will redirect to the log in page.



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