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Hello, I'm trying to make a recipes for a plastic machine. Different tools should be used to differentiate the name of the tool and the different blowing times. Paramtre name and time of blowing is entered by the operator on the HMI. Can someone help me connect the screen to the table.

A simple program would be welcome.

Thank in advance

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I looked, but I did not manage to solve the problem. I use samba SM70-J-T20.


I want connect data table "recipe" with HMI, and change parameters in table. 


For example:

For example, the "recipe" table has 3 columns and 100 rows. Columns are: Number of tools, name and time of blowing. It is necessary that when the operator selects on HMI the number of tools (for example 2), then the name and time of blowing for this tool is saved and the values are saved. When choosing, for example, the tool 50 does the same.

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  • MVP 2023

Don't call the Read and Write functions continuously.  Once per read or write  is enough.

I reconfigured your table and gave you some buttons to run through it to manipulate the row pointer.

Study each network and open the Read and Write Row tables and look through them.  If you want to display a string you have to specify a vector of MIs as each one can only hold two ASCII characters.

Joe T.



test JT.vlp

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