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Multi Monitor Issue

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3 hours ago, AlexUT said:


I posted link to other post, but eventually my post not published.


This effect is not related to VisiLogic/U90Ladder, or other Unitronics software.

It is related to Windows.

I do not believe that anybody will wait for fix and call this "disaster".

Simple work-around solve this problem.

No need to edit INI files or access Registry.

Yes, this is a little bit annoing, but may be fast corrected.

1. Alt+Space+M than 1 time touch any arrow key, then move mouse until you find "hidden" pop-up.

*Last letter M is language dependent.  So you have to find what letter to use.

2. I found more universal way for my Windows 10 Pro:

Use Win+Shift+Left/Right Arrow.

This move "hidden" pop-up between monitors.

If you connected additional monitor and set it to be Up of main display, then probably Up/Down arrow may work as well.

Short and fast.



I also don't believe anyone will fix this, and maybe its somehow related to windows, or more likely how the OG visilogic was designed to interact with whatever windows library was used back then, because certainly you can say it's a windows thing, but I haven't had that problem on any other software. 💩

Also, at the same time I do believe it is a big thing, and it pisses me off!!, each time I need to troubleshoot machine on site, I grab my laptop and run to the production floor just to face that I cannot change any live value, or search or some specific MIs. 😑 

And the work around well eventually I made it to work but I forget the key combination each time I really need it and need to go back to this specific post (which is the reason I just happen to see that it is still active).

The funny thing is that I have a solid reason to prefer to be working in my cubicle or at home rather to be on the production floor "I am not lazy it's the software that doesn't work properly when I am there!" 😂😂. 😂😂. that is something that a Lazy person would say. Good look explaining that to the big boss ,


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I have a dual 3840x1600 USB-C setup and it is a lot of pixels to traverse with alt space M and arrow left/right/up/down...Display 1 is the laptop monitor with 1920x1080 and the best resolution for VL in my opinion. It also turned out that monitor 3 was the main display, thus VL always opens its tiny popups  in my upper corner. I changed display 3 to 1 as main and hopefully it's not going to jump back and forth for each dock/undock from now on.


This post from 2013 is still valid way to reproduce the scenario, and the alt+space+M will move your pop-up, but only if you don't swap between different programs - and this you can test with only 1 monitor:

Dobule click a MB to Open the "Select operand And Adress" dialog,

Hit alt+tab to hit your favorite web browser to search for a solution to the invisible window

Use alt+ tab to go back to the VL instance

Now  the dialog/pop up is grey/passive: Try to open the move commando from the keyboard, and there is no response nor to the shortcut keys, escape or alt-F4. You have to activate the window before the keyboard Move commando, and it seems to behave different with or without the imaginary monitor

On a single active display you need to click on the dialog box, with the ghost display clicking anywhere on VL seems to activate the hidden b

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23 hours ago, christopher said:

is a lot of pixels to traverse with alt space M and arrow left/right/up/down...

I feel your pain.

23 hours ago, christopher said:

I changed display 3 to 1 as main and hopefully it's not going to jump back and forth for each dock/undock from now on.

I think I already tried that. if you move your windows around the different monitors eventually some pop-up window will get caught on the wrong screen.



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  • MVP 2023

I also feel your pain, but I'm open to anything that might be an easy way around it all.  At present I can't test any of what's been recently mentioned.

Given what you've said with regards to how Alex's methods are hard to do, my next ponder is what happens if you change the screen resolution on the laptop, apply and let it stick, and then go back to what it was before? I can't see how this will help, but maybe worth a try.

In saying this, I'm assuming that you have tried Taskbar Right Click and Cascade Windows, or any of the other screen related options that appear in doing so.

I feel compelled to say that Office has also done this to me.  I couldn't understand when it first happened....it's running but nothing showing!  Load the backup, the same.  Think about it......ding!    My goodness!!!...that's annoying!  (and I didn't really say my goodness , I said much harsher words like Ohh gosh.)

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

Does this help for Alex's method?  It does show popups.  https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/winlister.html

Please also try Ctrl + Alt + Arrow, which rearranges orientation depending on what arrow you use.  On the single screen I can only work on at present, I've found it brings popups fully back on screen if I park them just visible before doing the change.  I only did a right arrow and then an up, and it consistently brings them well back, not just on the edge.


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