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Greetings all.  We have started a minor project at work and we are, admittedly, pretty new to doing any sort of networked communications from PLC to PLC.  We have 3x V700 currently and what we hope to accomplish is simply to have (perfect world) a full rendering of the remote HMIs on each of the PLC.  Therefore, PLC A would have a link to go to PLC B's HMI and another link to go PLC C's and be able to see the HMI as if standing at that PLC - akin to the iOS remote operator app or using the Windows remote operator software.

The question in the end is has this already been easily implemented in some way?  Otherwise I assume we would have to use TCP/Modbus or UDP_Raw to pull in valves from PLC B and PLC C but have the HMI of the remote PLC be copied into PLC A's project files.  Doing so would make it tedious to keep up with changes to the other PLCs to back implement in the PLC A's code so that the HMI would look correct and all the variables continue to match.

If anyone has tried to do a complete remote HMI mirroring / remote op from a secondary PLC, please advise on any tips that might point us in the least painful direction.  Cheers!

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You'll have to do it with Modbus, I don't know a better way. If you pack registers in sequential order you can  read all you need in one command to have more elegant code. Also you can export displays from one project into another and change links to memory locations. If you need to send command from A to B from mirrored PLC, maybe you won't need to alter the code in B but just set bits and register with Modbus, depends of the code.

There was a similar topic recently:


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