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Saving to a flash drive

Guest Bryan G.

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Guest Bryan G.

I have recently upgraded to a bigger PC, but have not figured out how to get the programs from my old PC to the new one. I was planning on nice quick save to a USB flash drive but I guess it's not that easy. Help 😞

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You do know you have asked this question on a specialised PLC control forum, don't you?!!  This is not really a PC forum.  That missing "L" makes a world of difference.

However, to answer your question, you need the installer program and also any specific licence detail to load your various programs on your new PC.

Alternatively, research "sysprep" and see if this might meet your needs. 

But generally in a "single" computer scenario the best option is going from a "virgin" operating system that is fully loaded with all drivers working correctly, and then adding everything you need to it.  Depending on how many programs you have to have on your system, this can be a long and involved process.  I normally load all my high use programs, and then install my others as the need arises.  And I always make progressive full system backups along the way.



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