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como realizar comunicacion ehternet/ip entre PC y HMI+PLC

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Hola, les comento que tengo una pantalla HMI+PLC 15,6" USC-P-B10;  ademas tengo un SICK IOLG2EI esta placa me permite realizar la comunicacion mediante ethernet.

Lo que deseo realizar es una comunicación ethernet/ip entre el HMI+PLC con mi PC y ademas comunicarme con mi SICK IOLG2EI . En mi PC tengo instalado el programa de Unilogic.

Mis consultas son:

- como realizar esta comunicación ethernet entre el PC y HMI+PLC mediante el programa Unilogic o si existe la posibilidad de hacerlo desde la misma pantalla HMI sin la necesidad del programa Unilogic , y como establecer la comunicacio ethernet entre el SICK IOLG2EI con el HMI+PLC, que me recomiendan y como hacerlo. 

Desde ya muchas gracias


Hello, I tell you that I have an HMI + PLC 15.6 "USC-P-B10 screen, and I have a SICK IOLG2EI this board allows me to communicate via ethernet. What I want to do is an ethernet / ip communication between the HMI + PLC with my PC and also communicate with my SICK IOLG2EI. On my PC I have the Unilogic program installed.

My questions are: - how to perform this ethernet communication between the PC and HMI + PLC through the Unilogic program or if it is possible to do it from the same HMI screen without the need of the Unilogic program, and how to establish the ethernet communication between the SICK IOLG2EI with the HMI + PLC, they recommend me and how to do it.

From already thank you very much

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Unilogic on PC ----> PLC 

Setup "Panel Ethernet"

Make sure PC is on same Subnet. example: PC IP     PLC:, both same subnet

You can do this from the PLC Uniapps screen or download from unilogic with USB cable.

Connect ethernet cable from pc--->PLC either directly or through a switch.

Then click "Online" put in the PLC Panel Ethernet IP address and click "Online"


Unistream ---> sick

Ethernet IP communication is through "CPU Ethernet" you need to set up device IP, Subnet, making sure both devices are on the same subnet.

Connect ethernet cable from SICK--->PLC either directly or through a switch.

You need to setup PLC Communications-->Protocols-->Ethernet-->Scanner---> add a scanner with the manufactures provided assemblies. You will have to build the input and output assemblies I recommend building structs then creating a global tag as "type" struct.


If you want to access PLC screen from PC 

You can use a VNC viewer

Or build webserver screens and access from any internet browser on the network. 





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