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With M91 there is only limited ability to do this.  You could use MIs, but there are only 256 of them if you haven't used any at all, which is unlikely.  You would set up your ladder so that the next amount to log is put into the next MI in the range that you have designated for your logging.  But if this is happening often, you will reach the limit very quickly.

Vision would let you do this much easier and with much greater capacity, with the ability to write it to an SD card as well.



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You can use database option for M91 PLC.

1024 MI database present. Sample project - in program help topic.

As for me - user can choose stable water amount. Like 0.1L 0.5L  1L  1.5L ect.   

 If you offer to user standart numbers - you can calculate how many user choose each one.
And this option do not use a lot of memory.
If you has collect amounts of standard water amount,  
than use simple math = overal whater quantity.  
And you can download it to U90ladder program like database or see it on display.


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9 hours ago, kratmel said:

You can use database option for M91 PLC.

Sorry for not mentioning this, I had forgotten about it.  it's been a while since I did U90.  😳

But as Kratmel says, it is still fairly limited depending on what you want to log.  His idea of preset amounts meaning less memory use is good, but it may not suit your needs.

cheers, Aus

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