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como subir archivo EDS a Unilogic


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hola , quisiera subir un archivo EDS de un SICK IOLG2EI mediante Ethernet/ip en el software Unilogic .

Ya tengo configurada la ip del dispositivo (SICKI IOLG2EI) solo que necesito subir el archivo EDS a  Unilogic.

Estoy trabajando con PLC+HMI USC-P-B10 15,6" Unitronics.

¿alguien sabe como se realiza esta acción de subir un archivo EDS a Unilogic?



Hello, I would like to upload an EDS file of a SICK IOLG2EI via Ethernet / ip in the Unilogic software.

I have already configured the device ip (SICKI IOLG2EI) only that I need to upload the EDS file to Unilogic.

I am working with PLC + HMI USC-P-B10 15.6 "Unitronics.

Does anyone know how this action is done to upload an EDS file to Unilogic?


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There is no option to load EDS for Ethernet/IP. (There is an option to load EDS for CANopen devices).

In this case we suggest to view the EDS file using EDS viewer by ODVA and configure the O2T , T2O and data size manually in UniLogic Ethernet/IP scanner configuration.


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