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Local variables not incrementing


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hi Interroga,

the local varialbles are "created" and "destroyed" at each PLC cycle...you can't use a local variable to store a value and use this later...you have to use a variable defined in the global scope...or save in a DT this value and recal this value, with the specific function, then if necessary you can upload the value in a local variable and use this to do what you want. 

I don't know which experience that you have but is the same as in C  or C++ or other programs languages...


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Thanks for your reply, but in rockwell and siemens i create many block and dont have problems. Not easy work with this software, Always create new ways for sames problems. I hope this tool stay better in the future. I have given several suggestions, but few have been incorporated.  User passwords must be valid and renewed within a set period of time in the software.


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UniLogic is NOT = to AB. The sooner I accepted that the easier I could sleep at night. It's a semi-reciprocal relationship: AB can do things UT can NOT and UT can do (probably a greater quantity) of things that AB can NOT.  Pick the tool that best fits your mission (or budget in some cases) and run with it. 

On another note: only one of my suggestions made it into a version UniLogic, only because I could prove it worked with Vision but not with Unistream. Involved MODBUS, a Unistream master, V430 slaves, rs232 radio modems, and no (user definable) serial data timeout. 

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