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TCP Server Rx/Tx block explanation

Guest BobH

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I am a student , also in PLC programming. After I got used to Unilogics I got a internship order. I need some help with TCP data Rx/Tx, especially with the programming ladder blocks.

My program is now so far working that I can see that my PLC and Hercules ( on laptop ) are connected but then i can't get it working. First up i want to try to make a very simple light lit up when i received data. So I had it configured like in the image. The day before I programmed it like that I was able to see the quantity of byte's that was received in box D.  But today with de configuring in the image that isn't even working.

Questions i especially have :
  -  The block does need to know when (at how much byte's) the box E (remote IP) it must power up, right?
  - I really want to know what the functions are from the I/O's of the TCP SERVER Rx/Tx data block? Can someone please explain it in more simple language?


thanks for help in advance

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