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Cant save a file without visilogic crashing

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So this started the other day, I tried to upload a file that I had saved, to this forum.  When I tried to open the folder the file was in, it just closed the entire my documents folder and exited to the desktop.  Then I tried to save the program to another location and when I hit save as, it would open the file explores, circles while waiting about 10 seconds, and then close visilogic and exit to desktop.  This was with .79.  So I uninstalled .79, and reloaded .65, its been twice now.  I still cannot save a file.  I can start a new project, do one line of code, go to save and it closes visilogic and exits to desktop.  I need this to work on this computer, it did and now it wont.


any help is appreciated.



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OK Tyler,

Before doing anything else, just as a precaution do a copy of your entire my documents folder by accessing it via C/Users etc.

I think your best option at present is to see if you have a System Restore point still in existence before you did anything Unitronics.  If you do, set that underway and see how well it restores things.

If you don't have a restore point back far enough, with Visilogic 9.8.65 installed, use Revo Uninstaller portable (  https://www.revouninstaller.com/download-free-portable.php  ) and do a thorough uninstall, as deep as the program lets you run it...go into Options etc.  Once done, if you can still find a folder called "Unitronics VisiLogic_C" in program files/Unitronics, delete this.  Reboot the puter.  See what the behaviour is now.

Once rebooted, install .79 using the right click run as admin method and see how it goes after rebooting after installation.  If it works then you are ok.  If not, repeat the uninstall instructions above to completely get rid of anything .79 ish. Reboot and install 9.8.65 again using right click/run as admin.  Reboot and see.

The object of all of this is to try to completely get rid of any strange references in the system that either program has made.  9.8.65 is stable and should run fine if nothing else is messing with it.

cheers, Aus

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Last January I installed the most current version of Visilogic but I have some PLCs programmed using 9.8.65. When I tried to have a look at those programs recently, I was warned about them being an older version. So I installed 9.8.65 and when I called up the program it would crash my Windows file explorer program and I had to reboot my pc.  So I uninstalled all versions and tried again with 9.8.65 but had the same result. I was thinking that Version Swapper would fix this but it did not.

I recently found this post and your advice to use RevoUninstaller and remove any vestiges of Visilogic_C did the trick. I am just running 9.8.65 on my pc at present but am guessing that if I installed newer versions chronologically the problem may not arise again. Is that correct??

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Hi JohnZ, I suggest that you have a good read of this pinned topic/post.   Using Version Swapper correctly can be a bit tedious to set up correctly, but once done it works fine.  For correct use all versions are initially treated as completely stand alone.


cheers, Aus

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