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Analog input maximum value during period of time

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I am working on the project where one of the task is to measure maximum pallet height in this case pallet height could be different in example on first layer there is 4 boxes but on second layer only 2 boxes and one side of the pallet height will be like 100 cm and the other will be 60 cm. I need to measure the maximum height of this kind of pallet.

I want that measurements would start after this condition is completed: 

1. Height sensor measures height changes which are higher than 15 cm (after this measurements should start) 

2. capacity sensor measures that pallet was placed in correct place (after this measurements should stop) 


during time of these two conditions measurement has to be made .  I understand how Analog input works I also understand how to program the condition to start measurement after height sensor measure certain value.  But I cant find the function block which allows me to measure maximum value. In Unity there is move FB but I cant find it on Visilogic.  The logic how in my opinion it should start you can see in the picture below: 

1.Analog input signal converted to  the  the units I need (linearization block) 

2. Then with greeter or equal  function block I define condition when measurement has to start but I dont know where to go next. This is my first project with Visilogic software  so I am new with it. 

Is there anyone who solved this kind of problem in the past? 



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It appears that I need maximum value in float not integer. I attached two pictures. First is where the logic to get maximum value in MI, and second is where  the logic is to get maximum value in MF , this last function block which is in red need to be changed in something which could store the maximum float value. Any ideas how to do that ? 

Already figured how to do it. 



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