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Sorting Data Tables or 2 Arrays


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Hi people!

I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. 

I need to sort an entire Data Table (2 columns, A and B), sorting just one column (A), has anyone ever try this?

The other option is to have 2 arrays (A and B), sort one (A) of them and then I need to sort the other one (B) the same way I sorted the first one (A).

I don't know if I'm being clear enough so here you have an example:

Before sorting: A={1,4,2,3} B={Q,W,E,R}

After sorting just column A or array A: A={1,2,3,4} B={Q,E,R,W}

Thanks in advance!



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Sorry for the delay, but I was working on that because I needed to solve it asap.

The DTI can be sorted from the beginning. 
The number of rows is variable (no more than 20).

I managed to work it out, it wasn't the most efficient way I think, but it works. If someone needs it, just tell me and I'll post it here.

Cheers people!


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hi...if the DTI can be sorted from the beginning (when this is populated) you can check the valuo of the row "0" if this value is less of the row that you have to insert increase a variable to check the next row...do so on...when the result is positive (the new value is less on the read row) you can use the "insert row" UDFB...and reset the variable to check the row.

I hope that my explaination is clear.

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