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MODBUS RTU communication with VFD

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Hi There!

I am trying to read data and send data to unidrive SK inverter. As for adresses etc on unidrive side, it is all clear, because when i connect with modbus poll software via PC i can read rpm on adress 202 or start/stop drive by sending bit 0 or 1 to adress 629.

I am trying to read same with visio 350-35-RA22 but i am not clear do i use right FB's........so before i'll kill myself with uploading new codes over and over could you check what i am missing?


I this example i am trying to read status of adress which is 0 or 1 depending is terminal on VFD on or off.


So when i press F1 which is set as SB58 i did out on display to show MB1, but, always 0.......


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