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UniLogic vs VisiLogic programming


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Hello Gents and Ladies,


I am new to the unistream line. Haven't had chance to take the seminar for it. It definitely little bit different then Visilogic line as for programming. Just trying to figure the math out. Some of it turning out to be zero. Just can't figure  out what I am doing wrong. If you care for some points. Would like to see math examples. 




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Not sure I understand the need to STORE "grade a" to itself. Unless it's to a different data type with same tag name (didn't think UniL allowed that). 

It's a different animal than Visilogic, no debate there. I am getting used to Unilogic. I get annoyed by UDFB's being put in place of functions that used to be integrated in Visilogic. To be fair (in my critism) Allen Bradley is doing the same thing in CompactLogix, functions integral to uLogix now require complex subroutine (ex: day of week and scale with parameters). Examples in UniLogic: vector linearization.

the training is good. I did the UniLogic class with Dan Logee in Rockford a few years ago, highly recommended. 

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If you have any specific questions in the future everyone on the forum will help if/when they can. As has been reminded to us recently: this forum is mainly comprised of users and is NOT the official Unitronics support channel (although some support team staff are members and answer). If it is an urgent issue call/email support and post here. It usually evening/weekends when I cruise the forums. Some of the gurus frequent late at night. The not calling subroutine has got me more than once in Visilogic and UniLogic, I'm finally learning if bits/integers are unresponsive to check for calling first (before panic mode, lol). 

The seminar was worth my trip for the "control+enter" to CR a text line. That one had stumped me for some time, I was creating second and third text boxes for extra lines of text. Granted that was probably in the help somewhere. Another thing I've learned is to scour the help section for info. Visilogic help is excellent and UniLogic help is "filling out" as time progresses. 



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53 minutes ago, hotwires said:

Some of the gurus frequent late at night.

Some of us are in totally different parts of the world, so it is in some ways a 24/7 forum.  But it also relates to how much work we have on, and how much time we can spare!

cheers, Aus

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