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How to initialize cinterion EHS6T 3G modem to send sms from vision 1210 to cell phones

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Hello all, i got this cinterion EHS6T modem recently to use for sms sending to cell phones.

According to the manual, am supposed to go to modem services in visilogic and with the modem connected to my pc,

 initialized the modem by preparing the plc modem. after which i connect the modem to the plc.

I followed all the steps but after connecting the modem to the plc, SB82 doesnt go high also SI82 stays 1(initialization in progress).

is there something am doing wrong here?

Need help.

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  • MVP 2023

Cabling correct?  I think that you may already have this, but I have attached a pdf that you may not have come across, that might help you pinpoint the issues.  It is a little old and mentions hyperterminal, but something like putty will work if you are only on modern Windoze.

Also, in your SB & SI references you are referring to com 2 initialisation, but perhaps you should be trying com 1?

cheers, Aus


About Modems.pdf

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