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Re-order Regions?


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It would make sense that you could minimize them and drag them around in the function.  But I tried doing that in a function I'm working on that has four regions and it did not work.

So I'm going to say "No" but I'm still working on my UniStream Genius certificate.  I'd send the question to support.

Joe T.

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There isn't any way by dragging, but you can select all rungs in a region, cut it (The containing region will be deleted, since all rungs inside where cut), insert a region in the location that you want, and paste the rungs in it.

You will need to give it the old name, and re-write the comment.

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Thanks for the responses, the ole Copy-Paste-Delete all rungs was the only way I could get it done. I was hoping the labels were stored in a table somewhere that I could just re-order or drag-n-drop in ladder editor would be awesome.  I will be more diligent with my planning next time. This project has ~ 50 regions so far.


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