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Difference between a module and a subroutine

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Hello again everyone,

So I'm still trying to understand visilogic more to start programming my V570. And I want to ask you : what if the diference between a subroutine and a module ? Yes I know that a subroutine is a part of a module, but I want to know WHEN and HOW to use a subroutine and when to use a module ? 

Thanks in advance.

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HI chay, in some ways this comes down to personal preferences as to how to do things. 

But for a good basis to understanding, have a look at the help files, use index/Modules/Program Sequencing: Modules, Subroutines, Labels & Jumps.

See if this helps, and then come back with more questions.  You will no doubt get many different answers, all related to my first paragraph!

cheers, Aus

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44 minutes ago, Ausman said:

this comes down to personal preferences as to how to do things.

It's totally this. It helps you organize the subroutines into subcategories. I rarely use modules (other than the Main module, of course), but once a program gets extremely complex, grouping subroutines into modules can make program development and troubleshooting a bit easier. The PLC doesn't care.

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