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Intermittent connection in Ethernet/IP


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I am looking for help with ethernet/ip on a unistream 7".  I am intermittently connecting to a Mettler Toledo scale.  It will connect very quickly and immediately disconnect.  I have attached pictures of the eip scanner node struct tags for both scenarios.   I have also attached my program.  I have looked at multiple scanner eip samples and followed the unitronics  ethernet/ip video on youtube.  I have still not had any luck keeping a connection.  I am not getting any error on the scale controller either.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance. 




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Thanks for the reply Dave.  I just tried the Use run idle check boxes without a different result.  As far as the Configuration Assembly instance #, I had in there 1 originally.  I have tried some different numbers for the heck of it, but still no connection that stays. I got my instance values from a project I recently did, but in studio 5k   (AB/Rockwell).    Do you know why it would be different?  I realize now how spoiled I am with being able to upload the EDS files....   



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Hi Scott,
I see that you are trying to implicyt communication.
The Alan Bradly should have 128 bits on the input side and also on output.
Size at AB. is 8 byts, x (16bits) = 128 bits
Size at Unitronics is 8 bytes, x (8bits) = 64 bits.
Therefore, you need to rebuild global tags Input_Scale and Output_Scale to
had 128 bits.
Do not forget to mark the Run Idle O2T.


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For the next guy...

I was able to communicate to my components.  It took a lot of playing.  Things that helped me are,:


Hope this helps someone else. 



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