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V570 touchscreen URGENT

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Hi, everybody,

 Our customer called this morning. Problem is: V570 was spilled with water (boiler room application). After some time it proposed to calibrate screen. Customer's technicians tried to do that, but now screen shows information, but touchscreen doesn't work. Is there any way to recalibrate it or any other way to make it work?

 We could change V570 itself, we have one spare, but in the old one couple of PID loops (tuned) works, lots of entered constants - is there any way to copy all that information to a new one V570 so we won't need to retune PID's and reenter information?

Thank you in advance!

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I wouldn't be going with getting the old one up and running....change out to the new one.  It sounds like a progressive infiltration of water etc.  May be able to dry out and be ok, but for now I'd change it out.  For your settings........have a look at this topic and start from Gabriel's comment:

Then read through all the way to my post no. 12 and along the way you should glean enough info.  In theory you can extract everything you need from the current plc and be able to put it all back in OK.

I'll hang around online for a while to see what you think.

cheers, Aus

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Personal choice.  I always save everything from any plc I am starting work on, regardless of whether I know I have it completely backed up somewhere else.  Murphy's law says that if I don't do this, something will go wrong and I'll be in trouble!  Of course, if the user can innately change something through using it, then it is a must do anyway.

In your case probably not necessary, as you will still have the original that is coming out, for later extraction of anything if necessary.  But me.....I'd get all you can from it before starting removal.

cheers, Aus

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Form your post above :

     Maybe I could just export PLC operands, then write my program to new PLC and import these operands?

Look under Connections,    Export  PLC Operands to Text File

       This will do what you need to do to get the data from Battery backed up memory in the old unit.

       Then import the data you want ( like PID information) into the New Unit.

This feature can also be handy sometimes for troubleshooting  because it is a record of the current state of the PLC



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I changed one of these about 6 years ago.

You don't change the screen, just the digitizer.

At the time the time the part quoted was SA/V570-Front

I am not sure if this is an official part number or just the distributors part number.

Cost around €50 for the part + delivery and easy to change.




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13 hours ago, Vidmas30 said:

PLC itself works fine. I wonder if there is possibility to replace touchscreen?

Great that it all went ok.  Anything I have that gets a dunk (maybe that is just Aussie slang?) I try to remove from the water and pull the battery asap.  Then a disassemble to a point that lets me air dry all the boards, or gentle forced assist.  It is surprising how many things have come back to normal after doing this.....especially mobiles that have exceptionally clever abilities to climb out of wherever they are on one's person at the worst possible time. 

Denis's suggestion sounds good, but I'd actually split the unit a little and give it a warm spot in the office etc for a few weeks before doing anything else.   It might be ok after that.

And also maybe look for some sort of extra cover for the unit in the offending situation.  If it has happened once, it could happen again.

cheers, Aus

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