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MQTT Broker Connectivity

Pradeep Mane

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Anyone have Executed MQTT Broker Connectivity??if yes, which one is best and Open source and easy to set up?? & How to set up the same??

I have tried with mosquitto Broker but unable to Execute.

I think Some MQTT Broker set up issue should be there but unable to identify the same.

I have used Address As a IP and also URL but not able to Execute.

Anyone having Throughout the process please share.


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Hi Pradeep Mane,
The UniStream connectivity checked and verified with a variety of MQTT brokers. Among the brokers: mosquito, RabbitMQ, HiveMQ and AWS.
I suggest:

#1. Download the free MQTT.fx (MQTT client app) and connect to your broker with it. This app is great due to it log tab that allow you to debug the connection


#2. When you succeeded to connect from MQTT.fx to your broker use the same connection settings in UniStream

Anyway, you can always can open a ticket at Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php  and get the Support team assistance.

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