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Does a bit exist to monitor if any alarm is active?


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Hi all and thanks in advance, 

I have a program running un a Uni stream USP-070-B10. Using software version 1.25.61 UniLogic studio.

I am trying to find a bit that will tell me if any Alarm is active, I have looked thru the help file, system variables, and searched this forum. 

I did find a comment from Saragani posted July 1, 2015 stating:


On the next version (1.15), it is planned to have a tag that contains:

* An array of 32 bits (one per group

* An array of 1025 Bits ( 1 spare bit + 1 bit per alarm)

* A bit that indicates that 1 or more alarms are active

* An interger with the total number of active alarms"


Am I just blind and missing something? or did it not get added?

The reason I am looking for this is I have a client with a remote cabinet with the PLC in it (no network connection or outside connection but power), they want a light added to the top of the cabinet and turne don if any alarm is active so they can see they need to go out there...


Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide,


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hi Rinehartrr,

are you talking about "generic PLC alarm" or "generic alarm of your project"?

If it is the first one...if I well remember a tag about ERRNO is present in the General struc...maybe others tags...but I don't remember exactly.

if it is the second one ...how are you managin the alarms in your project?...by the builtin alarm manager or by something done by you?

in my projects I don't use the builtin alarm manager (that is good) but something done by me... in this way,in the struct that I use for the new/actual alarm, I include many information for each alarm and what the PLC has to do for each of them...obviously if an alarm is present I have included an OR bit for the alarm that enable the horn and the red lamp.

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