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Analogue I/O into Samba 4.3

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I am having issue connecting BAUMER 2202 0001 PT 100 to 4-20 mA to the Samba 43-T-20 PLC.  I set up my code fine on a small rig with a power supply and used a fluke 707 loop calibrator at my desk and code an HMI worked fine scale and bit rate were fine internal jumpers all set up and as ii said fine with fluke loop calibrator. cant seem to get anything from the instrument connected at all.

Any help would be much appreciated 



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By the looks of it, the FlexTop 2202 is a programmable puck.  Ensure that a). you have it's internal programming set to match the way you have it wired, and b).  that you have the temp ranges set correctly.

And on the wiring layout, ensure that you have done everything the way shown on top left of page 9 of the installation manual.


cheers, Aus

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