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The new laptop here should run twice as fast as the old one, whether I check the bechmarks on userbenchmark.com or passmark.com, for single thread usage. I also ran a passmark benchmark, and speed measured shows that it's twice as fast. Ram is also twice as fast. I should check the ssd, but I see in performance monitor that cpu is bottlenecking.

Still, I tried to copy and paste a heavily loaded HMI page with both computers, and it took about the same time (you understand I was expecting way faster)

Yeah, I run visilogics as admin, I disabled UAC, disabled the antivirus...

Tha only difference I see between both laptops is Win 7 vs win 10 (Win 10 being on my new laptop). Before migrating to Win 7 (or dual boot, or virtual machine) I wonder what are yours toughts about this.

Thank you!

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