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Is Modbus TCP and Opc servers 2 separate things?

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I need to communicate with a V570 via scada software (DAQ Factory) I have tried using Uniopc and am able to connect to the server from the client, but I can see and data. I have read that modbus is a common way to communicate between plcs and scada software, but are they used simultaneously? I know very little about this so please be merciful.

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Typically with a SCADA software you would use either the OPC option or the Modbus option to interface with our PLC.

If using the OPC option you need to setup and run our UniOPC Server in conjunction with the SCADA software.

If using the modbus option you will just need to setup our controller to be a modbus slave.

Generally speaking, the modbus option is easier and more reliable.

I can recommend you watch our webinar on modbus which also includes example applications.


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