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Hello everyone :),

I wonder if you know a list of mail provider wich doesn't use the SSL encryption or if a future update will allow this,

Unfortunately, almost every mail provider use this kind of encryption (Google, hotmail, yahoo, etc...) and one of our customer need a mail provider wich will be compatible with Unitronic's PLC,

Thanks for your help ^_^

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One of the things we do here when a customers email is not usable, is to send the email to an in house account (we have an email account set up just for machine to machine emails) on our work email account and then just use an "Outlook" rule to simply forward all emails recieved from the PLC address to the needed GMail, Hot Mail, Etc.



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Thanks to you Pascal, it seems like I found my solution,

Gmx works and top of that, I can use the same I.P. address even if it change sometime (I don't know why, but if it works, who cares? :D)

By the way, I was unable to make the DNS solver work, if anybody has an example of this function, it will be welcome!

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