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Setting the time and date from HMI

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Good Afternoon Guys

Is there any way that i can set the time and date from the HMI on the Samba. I have an application where the HMI/PLC will be shipped internationally and the Samba will be locked down, now as it will be shipped i need a way to set the time and date by the user, this is my first Samba project and up to now its going really well but a few things have stumped me.

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  • MVP 2023

I haven't time to go into this in detail at the moment, but I suggest you look up all the help references you can find (under the index) relating to the RTC and also the use of UTC.  This will hopefully point you in the right direction to get there yourself.  I'm sure someone else will come in as well with more detail.

cheers, Aus

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